Find the dream home, you never knew existed

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Find your dream home

Find the dream home, you never knew existed. Bolig,ai gives you the opportunity to search over 400 000+ homes that aren’t listed for sale.

The home you want – for the right price

To get a headstart on other potential home buyers, you can choose to have additional information on the home sent directly to you or share with the amount you are willing to pay to buy the property.

Keep you updated will keep you updated on the current trends within the real estate market, and you can signal your interest in multiple properties. We will inform you if the property owner is interested in selling their home.

Some of our solutions

The Best Pictures

With the help of our professional photographers, we will help the beauty of your home to shine through.

Real Estate Agent

Since we have already matched buyers and sellers through, you will save loads of time and money by using our affiliated real estate agents.

Understand the interest in your home without listing your home for sale

Remain updated on the level of interest of potential buyers of your home.

Appraisal appraisal of your home, will give you an estimate of your homes value based on the houses sold in your surrounding neighborhood. Feel free to upload a 3rd party appraisal or order one from one of our partners.