Pareliusveien 16C, Oslo

Property in Pareliusveien 16C, Oslo. Latest sale was in August 1995 for NOK 1 710 000.

This property also has restricted data from the Norwegian mapping authority showing information about area usable, bedrooms, bathrooms, unittype, and floor. As this data show information related to the inside of a home, it is restricted, so we can only show it to users who are logged in. You can create a free user below to see this data.


Area usable icon Area usable:
Bedrooms icon Bedrooms:
Bathrooms icon Bathrooms:
Unittype icon Unittype:
Floor icon Floor:


Sale history




10 August 1995
Registered sale
1 710 000
11 November 1994
Registered sale
Unknown price
23 September 1992
Registered sale
1 100 000
15 October 1980
Registered sale
Unknown price

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