The house in Borchgrevinks gate 10 from 1912 have a size of 97 m² and contains among other things 1 bathroom and 3 bedrooms.

Images from 21 February 2017


Area primary icon Area primary:
97 m2
Area usable icon Area usable:
99 m2
Area gross icon Area gross:
114 m2
Bedrooms icon Bedrooms:
Bathrooms icon Bathrooms:
Unittype icon Unittype:
Detached house
Floor icon Floor:
Construction year icon Construction year:


Sale history




05 October 2022
3 190 000
01 September 2022
3 290 000
17 June 2022
3 500 000
22 June 2017
Registered sale
2 350 000
03 April 2017
2 350 000
14 June 1999
Registered sale
875 000
05 February 1996
Registered sale
495 000
11 February 1992
Registered sale
Unknown price
04 November 1981
Registered sale
Unknown price

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